How to execute a Perfect Golf Chipping – Technique Explained

Golf is one of the most popular games and is considered one of the most sophisticated sports in the world. It looks fascinating to enter into a Golf Course and strike the balls to the holes. However, it is not that easy. One may advise that the chip the ball into the air and put into the hole, but in reality, chipping is the hardest technique of all in the Golf. But there are techniques that can improve the chipping quality. If you are an emerging Golf Player or struggling with the chipping then these tips would be helpful for you.

Golf Training Golf Course Golfers Golf Chipping

Golf Training Golf Course Golfers Golf Chipping


The posture is very important for the perfect chipping shot in Golf. The coordination of the arms, wrists and elbows need to be perfect in order to achieve the elevation, distance, and the controlled shot. The grip on the metal shaft should be down in order to execute the perfect chip shot. The butt of the club should be at the lower side of the body, perfect if it is just below the navel. Now the most important thing is to achieve the posture. The shoulder, forearms, and your hands should ideally form a triangle. The shaft that you have gripped down should be at the center of the triangle.


The next thing is to practice the shot just before the execution. It is not really easy to achieve the posture at the first time. Moreover, every time, you are playing a shot should maintain the triangle until you finish. The club head should be always above the ground before you hit the ball. Whenever you are playing a shot, the shoulders, arms and your club should be coordinated and should move in accordance. You must cross verify and realize the movement and grip. Try to get the perfect grip and posture and try few swings. Make sure when you return, you have the normal grip again.


Before the execution, you must feel the control over the club and the impact should be very strong. The few swings can help you to get control over the club and the coordinate movement of the body. The moment you feel, you have the control over the club, execute the chip. Well, it may not give you the desired result just in the first chip but the practice of the technique can improve your chipping quality over a period by a considerable amount. In Golf, achieving the perfect Chip is considered, one of the hardest, but this technique that is followed by most of the Golfers can make your job easy.

What Not to Do?

Yes, it is also very important to realize, what you must not do for a perfect chip shot. The very first thing that needs to be avoided is the over wrist action. This can work horribly for your chipping. Excessive power and no control shots are also equally ignored in chipping.

Golf is a sport of passion and thus one must learn to know the techniques. The more you gain control, the better golfer you become.