Top 3 Burning Questions Answered about Carpet Cleaning

If there is anything that you can do to ensure better carpet cleaning, it is to enhance your knowledge. The more you know about carpet cleaning and its problems, the better result you will get. In general, we get many problems during the cleaning services and plenty of questions come up. However, there are a few questions that remain often unanswered. These questions are not only helpful to solve the problems of carpet cleaning but also ensures better productivity.

So, here are the top 3 questions that need to be answered on carpet cleaning given be

What is important Carpet Cleaning Solution or Professional Equipment?

This is a question that comes up often. The answer is however tricky as well. Both the solution and the equipment are important for carpet cleaning. However, the equipment has an edge over the solution. The chemical solution can be replaced with many items that are easily available at home. It is true that there are many professional chemical items, but there are market-ready chemicals too. These chemicals can be used for cleaning. But the equipment plays a better role. Without the vacuum, the chemical may not have the desired impact. There are spray equipment or roller to effectively spread the chemicals as well. The equipment thus ensures that chemicals are better used.

Which is better Home Cleaning or Professional Cleaning?

This is again a question that people get different answers. There is a simple answer to it. Both of the cleanings are important. Home cleaning cannot be ignored as you cannot really go for a professional cleaning every now and then. Professional cleaning is good for deep cleaning and it is generally done once or twice in a year. However, the rest of the time, we need to ensure an effective home cleaning. It starts with vacuum cleaning. However, one can use mild cleaning techniques at home with moderate usage of chemicals for better results. The professional cleaning cannot be ignored either. One must ensure that the carpet is professionally cleaned periodically for better shine, good indoor health, the longevity of the carpet and more.

Which is better Dry Cleaning or Wet Cleaning?

This has become a new hot topic to discuss among the industry experts. There is no doubt that the hot water extraction technique which is effectively a wet cleaning technique produces the best result. Wet cleaning can actually remove a huge amount of soil. So, if you have a carpet at the commercial place, then dry cleaning may not be an option.

However, if you are talking about the carpet at home, which is moderately used, then dry cleaning can be effective too. The dry cleaning uses biodegradable polymers to soak to the soil and remove the dust. It is easier to clean and may not require costly equipment as well. The dry cleaning can ensure the quick drying of the carpet as well.

Hence, both the cleaning has its own importance.

Carpet cleaning is all about making sure to use the right techniques and correct methods for better results.