Tips to choose golf travel bags wisely


For frequent travellers, choosing an appropriate travel bag is the most important thing. However, people tend to get confused while selecting a right golf travel bag. Choosing an appropriate bag is not just regarding the look of the golf bag, but the protection of your golf club. Before purchasing the golf travel bag, you should be clear about your budget. Mentioned below are the popular types of golf travel bag that are widely used.

Hybrid Travel bag

If you are going to travel extensively then you need to protect your golf clubs. Hybrid travel bags are most appropriate for frequent travellers. Its hard top cover protects the tip of a golf club from damage while travelling. Hybrid travel bags are much more superior in quality than normal daily use golf travel bag. If you are struggling with space restrictions, in such cases also hybrid travel bags are useful. These bags require less space and generally weigh lighter than any other golf travel bag. Along with the positives, hybrid travel bag also has a minus point. Hybrid travel bags are not suitable for air travel. Every time you travel, you will have to unpack and pack the golf gears and instruments in the hybrid golf bag. This bag is best for auto mobile travellers with an extra set for golf gear. In the market, you can find a variety of hybrid golf bag within the range of $60-$230.


Soft Golf Travel bag

As the name suggests, the soft golf travel bags comes with a padded cover that protects the golf club. Soft golf travel bag comes with a hard bottom with fitted wheels to help the golfer to carry the bag from one place to another. In case you have lots of golf gear in your bag then, soft golf travel bag is the right fit for you. Without any hassle, you can carry all your golf gear and accessories. As compared to hybrid golf travel bag these bags are easy to pack and carry. However, even the soft bag comes with wheels; it is not that easy to roll the bag. Also due to the padded material the golf clubs are vulnerable to damage as compared to hard case golf travel bag. If you are going for a soft golf travel bag then Stiff Arm accessory is highly recommended so that it will protect the golf clubs from any damage. Soft golf travel bags are available in market between the ranges of $120 – $300.

Hard case golf travel bag

This is one of the best golf travel bags available in the market. It offers the highest level of protection to the golf clubs. For frequent and airline travellers, hard case golf bags are the most appropriate golf travel bags. It is the most trusted golf travel bags for frequent airline travellers. However, the only negatives associated with the hard case golf travel bag is that it has less storage space as compared to soft and hybrid golf travel bags. In the market, hard case golf travel bags are available within the range of $130-$300.

With all the above mentioned insights, you will be able to choose the best golf travel bag for your upcoming vacation.