We are a golfing website and community aiming to provide value and information to all our members and readers. We are mainly based in Canada but our group has lots of members with origin from New Zealand and we pride in that.

Our members are between 20-55 of age and golfing is out passion. We love to exchange info and ideas about golfing and what we enjoy during this time. We provide golfing trips, equipment, advice, ideas, fun planning ideas and lots more!

Here is what we love sharing!

  1. Safe golfing posture. Ones that make everyone’s sport safe, happy and pleasant for everyone. It also helping achieve long term safe golfing practices by using your muscles and strength correctly and safely with proper posture.
  2. Best Practices in Golfing. Golfing is a tough sport and using the correct approaches and moves makes a big difference in your game. We advice towards practicing proper golfing moves and using golfing equipment properly.
  3. Having fun. Yes we love organizing trips and always have a great time with all our members. This means not just golfing trips, but much more. When our group is happy, then we are!
  4. We love hearing from all our members and readers. You can share your stories by sending us your details to out contact information