6 tips for Home and Janitorial cleaning


Most of us take hours to finish cleaning our house. When you feel tired or do not have the time you just call professional cleaners PRO Cleaning to do the job for you. Within an hour or two they complete all the work. On the other hand, here are some extraordinary tips which you can follow to keep your home clean and your janitorial duties simpler.

  1. Remove soap scum in an orderly manner

The soap residue which gets buildup in the bathrooms can be sometimes tough to remove. One easy to remove it is to use a plastic putty blade. If you were to scrub it with a sponge it will take a lot of time. While it will take less time to scrap it off. Opt for gel soaps or synthetic liquid if you want to reduce this buildup. They produce less soap scum when compared to bar soaps.

  1. Quickly dust.
    Small rags will remove dust and dirt, but when you use a feather duster you will be able to save a lot of time. With the help of this item, you can clean curtains, tables much more efficiently. Now you can clean your room quickly by using the feather duster. If there is too much accumulation of dust on windows, ceilings then you have to vacuum that place.
  2. Get sparkly stainless steel.

Of course, stainless steel looks lovely, stain resistance and easy to clean, however smudges or smear will appear on the plates. All you have to do is pour some mineral oil on a cloth and use it to wipe your dishes, steel sinks and other surfaces. This way, your vessels will look shiny moreover mineral oil will prevent smudges to appear on them.

  1. Smart way to clean your windows

You may not get a crystal clear window just by using glass cleaner and a towel. If you do not want streaks to appear on them, then use newspapers to clean them. However this is possible only if you are windows. On the off chance that your windows are especially expansive, the best approach is to utilize a squeegee. This saves you a lot of time and you can clean unreachable areas as well.

  1. Use a cleaning spray to clean chandelier

If you use some liquid soap and wipe each piece of chandelier with a sponge will take forever. Another alternative to clean chandelier is to use spray on chandelier cleaner. This spray will rinse off the dust and it won’t leave any water spots.

  1. Remove bad odors from the disposal.

To rapidly clean a rancid disposal, down the drains drop some orange or lemon peels. Switch the disposal let it work for about twenty seconds with water at half the pressure. In addition to that, put some ice cubes as well in the machine and then switch it on again. After some time, turn it off, place the plug over it and fill the sink until its half full. Then remove the water and it leaves a fresh scent.