Top Dishes Around the World

As a food lover you may have tried all the dishes of your country, but have you ever wanted to try something new. Something which is not familiar to you but unbelievably delicious. The world is full of different people, culture and mouth water dishes. You should try foods of different countries to know the difference among the dishes of each culture. Start a journey of tasting some of the most famous dishes around the world. It will be a journey you will remember forever. So here is a list of some of the best dishes around the world to make your journey a bit easier.


Peking Duck: China

This is a royal dish from China which comes with great reputation. You will be eating the finest form of duck cooking once you taste this imperial dish. The vast land of China is famous for different types of great cuisines, but this one stand alone. The great Peking duck which is basically a roasted duck. Now what could be so special about a roasted duck, the answer is simple. It is the crispy skin on top of the roasted duck. In traditional severing, the entire roasted duck will be carved right in front of you. It takes great skill to peel a roasted duck perfectly.

Escargots: France

The French are the masters when it comes to delicious cooking. If you have never tried snails, you must try at least once in your life.  You will never know how good it can taste once it is in the hand of a French Chef. The snails are cooked with garlic and butter which brings different types of flavor. The Romans used to make dishes with snails, but it was the French who identified the secrets to cook it perfectly. Escargots are great for any kind of starter. The serving of this dish is also very classy, served with a shell.


Moussaka: Greece

If you call yourself a true food lover, you have to try this dish which comes from the land of history. Greeks may not be as expert in cooking as the Italians but this dish certainly stands out as a great alternative to lasagna. The main ingredient of this mouth water dish is the cheese which is baked until fully melted. You can eat this dish with meat which taste great. This is one of the most favorite dish for any food lover especially in winter. There are many great dishes in Greece, but this one is a must try for you.

Dosa: India

If you have never tried subcontinental food, you should try as early as you can. The foods from subcontinent are all about spices and flavors. Masala Dosa is a popular food in India which comes from South. The pancake is made from rice and the chutney is made from garlic. This one tastes great and you must try it. There are others food in India which are also delicious but this one is unique and tasty at the same time.