World’s Best Resorts to Play Golf


If you love to play golf and looking for a perfect vacation with a perfect golf resort, you are on the right page. There are many beautiful golfing resorts in US, Caribbean and Mexico. If you are playing golf regularly, you may have already heard about some of those. A golf loving person always search for the perfect golfing resort no matter wherever he/she is. A stunning golf resort add a new dimension to your vacation. Some well-known vacation resorts around the world are trying the have the best golf field for their customer. Here is a list of some of the best golfing resort around the world.

Scotland is definitely a popular destination for golfers. There are plenty of stunning golfing resorts in this beautiful country. It is said that there are around 90 golfing resorts in this country and all of those places are equipped with modern golfing facility. You will find plenty of green golfing courses around this country. Even tourist hotels are also having golf courses for the tourists. Some famous golf courses are Turnberry, Old Courses Hotel and Gleneagles. You will find plenty of other facilities along with a fine golfing course in these places.

Mexico also has some of the finest golfing resorts. If you are planning your next vacation in Mexico and you love to play golf, Mexico might be the right choice for you. The coastal locations of Mexico have some fine golfing resorts with all modern facilities. Cities like Cancun, Puerto Callanta and Acapulco have some great golfing resorts. An annual golfing tournament is also held in Mexico. You will find everything here if you are trying to play golf. A vacation is just another excuse for playing golf for a golf lover. Mexico is the perfect place for playing golf as this country has some amazing golfing resorts.

The United States is full of great golfing resorts. You will find plenty of golfing resorts here and all of those are perfect for golf lovers. You can do some research before choosing a golfing resorts. Many of these golfing resorts have online presence and you will be able to know everything about those resorts from the website. There are also some golfing magazines like Golflink which keep you up to date about these golfing resorts. There are also some private golf courses which are also great for playing golf. Some of best golfing destinations in US are given below

Arizona is the perfect place for playing golf as it has the perfect climate for golfers. The wind is also perfect for playing golf. You will find around 200 golf courses across Arizona. All of those are perfect for a golf match.

California is also very popular among golfers as it has some finest coastal golfing courses. California is also very popular among professional golfers and each year golfers come here to swing their club. Pebble Beach Club is a popular golfing destination here.