Common Mistakes Made by Amateur Golfers


Golf is not an easy sport, it takes a lot of practice and precision. Amateur golfers tend to make a lot of mistake as they try to learn the game too early. You need to practice regularly and you need to practice in the right way. It is very important that you know about the right technique when learning golf, or else you may end up learning the wrong tactics. Learn it from a professional instructor and learn the basic right. There are several common mistake made by beginners. Some of those are given below so you can be aware of those while trying to learn this game.

The Twist

The most important and probably the most difficult part of this sport. The twist of your body to hit the ball as long as you can. Beginners often think that the more the body is twisted back, the further they can hit the ball. However, it is only a misconception as it is more about the right amount of twisting, not the highest. A fluid twist is all you need to hit the ball higher and gain maximum distance. To do that, you need to have a great posture of the body. When the twist is right, you will get the perfect swing and make solid contact with the ball.

Missing the Line

When you need to put a ball into the hole, you must have a proper visualization of the line between ball and hole. You have to visualize that line in your mind before you take the shot. Thinking about it too much and setting lots of trajectory will end up missing the hole. Visualizing the trajectory in of the ball in the mind will set an ideal route for the shot. Also, try to hit the ball a bit harder, as it will allow the ball to go straight denying the wind effect.

Holding the Club

Professional golfers are more aware about how they hold the club to get the perfect shot. Amateur tend to spend too much time on learning the art of body swing and club holding. There are some tips you can follow to improve your swing:

  • The Grip is the most important part of the swing; the right position of the palms is very important
  • Set the club face right and it will allow you to have a perfect shot
  • The posture of your body is also very important in order to get the perfect swing


Amateur golfer often thinks slow and steady is the right way to go about golf. Of course, being slow will allow you to be more precious, but it doesn’t apply to golf. You have to accelerate the club through the ball to get the distance. The finish is very important of any swing, you need to accelerate the club, hit the ball and have a proper finish. Any kind of deaccelerating will end up in a bad swing and a bad finish.